Improve Your Movie Experience with Movie Apps


Smart phones have become great tools for movie lovers with an increasing number of apps you can use to find movie information. Even without apps, smart phones still enable people to use their browsers to check out movie times at local theaters or look up a review. But if you want to avoid browsing around to find each theater's site or searching the Internet for a good movie review, there are apps you can download that will let you look at all the theaters around you and their movie showing information plus a good deal more all in the same place.


You can type in the movie you want to see, and ShowBox App for iOS - iPhone and iPad, can load all the theaters near you that are showing it along with all the times you can see that movie. Or if you have a preference for one theater, you can enter the name or location of that showplace, and the available movies and their screening times will appear all together for you to easily scan through. They can organize the times in chronological order and list the theaters closest to you first.


Some apps offer even more features like being able to watch trailers of the movies that are in theaters right there on your smart phone. They can also list extra information like a star rating, a review, or a list of the cast and crew. You can even find apps that will let you buy tickets straight from the app and then actually give you directions to the theater so that if you are in an unfamiliar place going out to see a movie will be a breeze. All you'll need is the app on your phone.


Beyond theater movies, there are apps that include DVDs as well. If you saw something you loved in the theater and can't wait to own it, you can use the Show Box app like this to check when the DVD will come out, how long the DVD is, and if there will be any extras included. They also list all the information about the movie like members of the cast and relevant reviews.


Movie apps are also useful for checking out the statistics on what movies hit the top of the box office, when new movies will be opening, and which theaters will be the first to release the latest blockbuster.


While some apps may not have all of these features, you can certainly download more than one and reap the benefits multiple movie apps can provide. Find out further information about this through this site.